Show Your Knowledge

OKSSAS provides you a platform to sell you knowledge. You can create videos, write articles and have interaction with the learners interested in your knowledge.

Earn Badges

As you'll upload content and gain popularity among the community of OKSSAS, you'll be awarded with different badges. These badges are visible to public and demonstrates your skills and experience.

Make Money

You can not only share your knowledge with the rest of the world in an organized manner but you can also monetize the content to get a passive or full income from your shared knowledge.

Learn Online

OKSSAS provides a very comprehensive set of tools which you can use to get in contact with the skilled users of the community. You can read their articles, watch videos or have a video chat with them.


OKSSAS enables you to have text chat, video chat, video conference and desktop sharing to fully engage with the community of OKSSAS.

Find Experts

OKSSAS acts as a platform for expert and skilled users. You can not only find the content generated by the users but you can also find skilled users of a certain niche through our ranking system.